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Mechanical Bull Rentals in South Carolina

A Mechanical Bull is a simulator that simulates the experience of riding a bucking animal such as a cow or a horse. The bull is typically powered by a variable-speed electric motor and may be surrounded by a padded flooring to reduce injury risk for those who are thrown off of the device.

This equipment is commonly used as a recreational amusement ride at events such as carnivals, birthday parties and festivals. In addition, these units are often found at bars and restaurants. The device consists of an inflatable platform that the rider can climb onto which is attached to a rotating mechanical arm. The bull’s motion is controlled by an operator. Riders are required to wear a helmet and sign a waiver before they can begin their ride.

The Mechanical Bull gained popularity as an entertainment attraction with the release of the 1980 film Urban Cowboy, starring John Travolta and Debra Winger. The film’s depiction of Travolta attempting to conquer the Mechanical Bull in South Carolina at Gilley’s is widely considered to be the first time that the rodeo attraction achieved widespread commercial appeal. Winger’s performance as a woman who rejects the notion that women should be the shadow of their men also made an impact on a large audience.

If you are planning a birthday party, corporate event or other celebration in the Columbia area, consider adding a Mechanical Bull to your rental. This inflatable is perfect for both kids and adults and will provide hours of fun. The best part is that the participants will be challenged to stay on for as long as possible without falling off!

Unlike real bulls, the mechanical Bull is located in the center of an inflatable platform which protects riders from serious injuries. Additionally, a rider can safely fall off because the machine stops immediately after a person falls. The rider can then hop on again and compete with friends to see who can last the longest on the Bull.

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